Thursday, 12 September 2013

Tea Towells A-Plenty

our printing HQ is under renovation (that kitchen i mean)

delicious Blue Wren colour choice

sneak peeks ....

OOooh we had fun working on our first wedding commission - big printing session - lots of stencil cutting but as always, was positively chuffed at the result...and we did get to bed before 
1 am....

We have been working hard behind the scenes and have some delicious new things coming along for our spring markets next term. And yes the website is still coming along too - lots of things 'coming along' when they finally arrive the celebrations should be immense! (well at least a web site launch - maybe just wendy and I sitting behind a computer with a gl of champagne : ) . Some beautiful new print designs and scrummy clothing for women and kiddies...we shall get some pics online sooney soon- 
meanwhile folks I am off to Byron with my family - it's a hard job but somebody's got to do it....
sarah x

Thursday, 30 May 2013

blue skies on my shoulder...

There can be spectacular days to be had in autumn - bright skies and air that is crystal clear bringing with it clarity of sight. I just love to wander around on those days - my 4 yr old hurtling along on his bike, the dog straining at the lead and me constantly on the look out for delicious scenes to photograph. It is probably less of a wander and more of a scramble..

 Exciting things are happening at Bluewren - we will have our very own website soony soon and some scrummy new releases for spring. Winter is the bare bones time - working away the cold days in preparation for warmth and abundance - in nature and in the Bluewren studios. 

Stay tuned - we hope you are as excited as to what is to come as we are. Stay warm and keep your slippers on your feet ! 
(we love our slippers!) 
sarah x

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Autumnal Wanderings...

So many beautiful things happening outside; if I wander slowly, and with my camera at the ready, I notice the details of the most extraordinary things. It is truly a delicious thing to amble along experiencing autumnal delights! So enjoy these delights - I captured them just for you....
sarah x

Sunday, 14 April 2013

'tis autumn and all is calm...


One can never truly appreciate the beauty of Autumn until the season slowly swings into its magnificent glory. The calm sense of retreating into oneself - the plants, the animals and us!

"Nature's Grand Hotel has its Seasons, like the others. As the guests one by one pack, pay, and depart, and the seats at the table d'hote shrink pitifully at each succeeding meal; as suites of rooms are closed, carpets taken up, and waiters sent away; those boarders who are staying on en pension, until the next year's full reopening, cannot help being somewhat affected by all these flittings and farewells, this eager discussion of plans, routes, and fresh quarters, this daily shrinkage in the stream of comradeship." 
(Wind in the Willows, K. Grahame, pg 112)

So, as the birds prepare to take their flights to warmer air, so to does the creative process retreat to inner places to re-emerge with abundant inspiration and ideas. Stay tuned : )
sarah x 

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Easter Bounty....I mean Bunny...

How cute are these???! 
Hand printed on organic cotton (pink and turquiose) and hemp (natural),
 hand WHISKERED, stuffed with wool fleece - these fit perfectly into little hands and will be adored long after the chocolate has gobbled and gone!

 Limited run - find them on our etsy store now and add them to the easter bounty!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Delicious treats

Here's just some beautiful things to look at !
 (I have bought myself a spanky new camera and looking for photographic excuses.)
We have some exciting new plans a-hatching - stay tuned for the unveiling hopefully soon. 
We have also bought some of the scrummiest linens you can imagine and will turn them into something fantabulous for our new spring/summer range. 

And as if that's all not exciting enough, we have some exclusive bits and bobs in a fantastic shop in Kyneton on Piper Street, Rundell and Rundell. They run courses in making heirloom Shaker furniture and have a homewares shop that stocks an eclectic mix of artistic, creative, unusual and antique pieces (as well as glen's amazing furniture). 
Definitely worth a gander folks if you're out that way 'making a day of it'. 

sarah x