Thursday, 30 May 2013

blue skies on my shoulder...

There can be spectacular days to be had in autumn - bright skies and air that is crystal clear bringing with it clarity of sight. I just love to wander around on those days - my 4 yr old hurtling along on his bike, the dog straining at the lead and me constantly on the look out for delicious scenes to photograph. It is probably less of a wander and more of a scramble..

 Exciting things are happening at Bluewren - we will have our very own website soony soon and some scrummy new releases for spring. Winter is the bare bones time - working away the cold days in preparation for warmth and abundance - in nature and in the Bluewren studios. 

Stay tuned - we hope you are as excited as to what is to come as we are. Stay warm and keep your slippers on your feet ! 
(we love our slippers!) 
sarah x