Thursday, 6 October 2011

hi ho hi's off to work we go....

Well I am back and revitalised after spending two weeks (and 6 days driving!) soaking up the sun, soaking in the ocean, and soaking up the wine with delicious thai takeaway dinners.....sigh.....what I would give to taste that lemongrass and lime curry again .....
But back to the bluewren business - yes markets ! Lots coming up and lotsa work to do in between them...

Our next market adventure will be at the
a new artsy venture starting up out here in sunny Croydon.
 It will be held on the second sat of every month at the old fire station, 
14A Croydon Rd, Croydon 10 - 3pm. 

And if that isn't exciting enough we will also be at the 
 on November the 27th at the Caufield Racecourse, Station St, Caufield 9 - 1 pm. 

So much to do! 
So come and visit and say g'day.... check out our new wares and those of our fellow crafty folk.

love sarah