Thursday, 19 July 2012 do you like to do...?

I couldn't help but post this sneak peek at our latest dress for girls - our daisy dress! Perfectly swing in style, of the most exquisite cotton/silk  fabric (that has the most wonderful crunchy sound when handled - I love that in cotton) with a playful shasta daisy print around the edge. This is a mock up so best not to look too closely - just get the overall peripheral! We should have these in our etsy shop by the end of next week. We are full steaming ahead with these at bluewren central and like most of our things, just positively chuffed!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Bloomin' Botanical !!!

We are positively botanical in our Blossom Work - we just can't seem to stop creating new ways of exploring our  printed/embroidered horticultural obsession! (This time it's cushions)  It is such a lovely way to spend winter eve's, infront of a fire and stitching, in preparation for the spring burst ....sigh....

have a virtual wonder through our etsy store - and smell the flowers
 ; )