Monday, 20 August 2012

Sweet Daisy Blue

Well folks they're finally in our etsy store ....Our sweetest little daisy dress made from the most gorgeous fabric that is a blend of cotton/silk/spandex which has a lustre and a shimmer that is very beautiful. ANd you know what that means? Yes that's right - it can be worn to formal occasions as well as just a play dress. In the photo we've teamed it up with our peasant skirt and a grungy old pair of blundstone boots - it just gives it that groovey dressing down but looking gorgeous look doesn't it???

Anyways - have a browse - we are adding quite a few new bits and bobs to our store - we are, as always, positively chuffed!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

ode to the lino cut

and while Lewis (talented graphic designer nephew...) was there  he also slicked up my tree of life lino cut so it is user friendly computer wise. So exciting! 

B for Blue Wren

Our spanky new logo and slicked up by my graphic design wiz nephew...just love it!

Shiver me timbers..

I have to say folks that the baltic winds were blowing at The Sisters Market in Northcote yesterday! Mainly due to a massive sliding door that seemed to be open for a good part of the day. Fortunately I had my knitting to keep my hands moving and even tho I felt my major organs to be shutting down by the end of the day (I couldn't quite get my lips to move when I tried to speak ... they kept getting caught on my teeth in a weird slo-mo way...) it was a lovely treat to meet so many of you and to have lovely warming conversations with fellow art and crafty types! 

...blossom cushions... 

 ...Kiddies blossom bags...

... 100% linen tea towells ..

...our blossom cushions...

Not to mention all the other scrummy bits on sale from fellow artisans...

The beautiful illustration work from artist Elise Hurst - her framed prints, cards, notebooks were really wonderful. It is so great to see illustration as an art form beyond picture books - yay to that!

I loved these beautiful hand made stamps by one black sheep 

and delicious teas from tea and sympathy...
Of course there were so many more delicious bits and bobs but there is only so much time for chatting and knitting and selling and gazing. Speaking of gazing ... looking up at the ceiling was an architectural treat...

...I would gaze and wonder about ALL THAT WARMTH just hovering up there while I shivered down below....sigh...

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Just Because....

The great thing about running your own screen printing business is PLAYING with ideas! Our snail stack calico bags - who said snails aren't beautiful ??? 
(...well I think that was you sarah.... - oh yes ...that's right....i see them with a gardener's bias)

Anyway - lots of fun to be had in a creative exploration kind of way - stay tuned we will try to keep them coming. In the meantime come and say g'day to us at the 
sister's market on this SATURDAY 18th August 
at the Northcote Town Hall 
in sunny Melbourne-town. 

And don't forget to have a browse at our bits and bobs on etsy store - we should get it up to date any day now.....

Saturday, 4 August 2012

all sewn up....

Hard working gals we are here at Bluewren ... 
sewing with love and enthusiasm...
with the occassional giggles. 
Our Daisy-blue frocks are finished! To be added to our etsy store in the next few days ...or for those who want to get up close and personal you can see our smiling faces 
(well mine anyway...well I hope I will be smiling...but even a frown can be turned upside down - oh stop !!! too cheesey!) at the 

 on SAT 18th AUGUST 

and we are very excited to hear some feedback on some of our latest design adventures.
Hope to see you all!