Thursday, 12 September 2013

Tea Towells A-Plenty

our printing HQ is under renovation (that kitchen i mean)

delicious Blue Wren colour choice

sneak peeks ....

OOooh we had fun working on our first wedding commission - big printing session - lots of stencil cutting but as always, was positively chuffed at the result...and we did get to bed before 
1 am....

We have been working hard behind the scenes and have some delicious new things coming along for our spring markets next term. And yes the website is still coming along too - lots of things 'coming along' when they finally arrive the celebrations should be immense! (well at least a web site launch - maybe just wendy and I sitting behind a computer with a gl of champagne : ) . Some beautiful new print designs and scrummy clothing for women and kiddies...we shall get some pics online sooney soon- 
meanwhile folks I am off to Byron with my family - it's a hard job but somebody's got to do it....
sarah x