Sunday, 22 April 2012

Blossoming Skirts!!!

Here's a peak at the first of our new Blossom Skirt range, these gorgeous ones are available on etsy, they come in 3 adult sizes, are made from denim and beautiful organic cotton in delicious colours...and are, of course hand wool felt blossomed. Keep an eye out for our warm classic & funky winter colour range Blossom Skirts that are just around the the corner...and just in time too!

And for those interested...who have perhaps suffered that same the-key-not-quite-being-where-you-thought-you-left-it wonderful partner came to the very handy man rescue, removed the door in order to be able to remove the ancient lock...yes those kinds that only have one key! Took it down to the local locksmith and returned back with not just one but two keys! Bluewren peace restored at last! worth a mention that shortly after, as is mostly the case, the MISSING key was found in the fridge under the can of dog food...lucky that little two and half year old is so damn cute!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Never a Dull Moment....

Ah yes...the Old Scramble Through The Window Trick...

Nothing will keep us Bluewren Gals from our Bluewren work - not even a lost key. 
"Through the window!" we cried - despite the angle of the window, the position of the ladder and the plain INDIGNITY of it - we got in... and even out again which was no mean feat considering the lateness of time and the tiredness of bones!

BUT we got the first of our Blossom Skirts for women made - gorgeous blossom print and denim A-line skirt...we are positively chuffed! We have delicious autumnal tones; teemed up with some yummy tights and the classic boot - you'll be the talk of the town! Stay tuned for some pics and keep an eye on our etsy site for them.
But for's Key Hunting time. I am waaayy to old for that sort of scullduggery.